BSD Board of Trustees and Advisory Board


BSD is fortunate to have an energetic and involved trustees, made up of architects, engineers, advocates and entrepreneurs.

The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for the financial, administrative, and academic affairs of BSD. The role of a trustee is a vitally important one. The board collectively bears fiduciary responsibility for the College and provides for its overall leadership. The Board works closely with the directors and senior administration in developing the institution’s short-term and long-term goals, setting major policies, and approving curricula and budgets, managing the College’s assets, and allotting capital funds in an appropriate manner.

 The Advisory Board is made up of successful designers, architects, and executives from related industries. They give the College guidance on new developments in the design field as well as help forging relationships and creating opportunities for BSD students.

Board of Trustees Advisory Commitee
Praveen Nandakumar – Chairman
Nandakumar Govindaswamy – Vice Chairman  
S Dineshwar – Principal & Secretary
Uma Nandakumar
Advocate N Jaiprakash Rao  
Veena Jaiprakash Rao
Preethi Dineshwar
Poornima Praveenkumar
M Prathapan
Manikantan Mahadevan – Treasurer
D Mahadevan – Member
Padmini Mahadevan – Member
Valli Manikantan – Member
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